Meet David

“Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for Thou art my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

David A. Perch
Student Massage Therapist
Spiritual Growth Director


Benefits of Massage
Many of today’s younger and middle-aged generations are discovering the benefits of massage therapy, and David is a part of that cohort. Studies have shown that massage has therapeutic impact for general pain, inflammation, emotional symptomatology such as anger, anxiety and depression, migraines, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, stress reduction, and increasing in immune functioning and increased psychological well-being (Rapaport et al., 2018; Tarsha et al., 2020; White et al., 2020). These impacts on the body are what makes David excited about the benefits of massage therapy.

Peaking His Interest

David’s interest in massage began in 2021 after attending a seminar of a complementary health educator who used massage and traditional healing methods to help with pain, tension, sleep disturbance, mood, and relaxation. David appreciated the value and impact of massage so much that he decided to study it professionally at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). NOVA’s massage therapy program focuses on Western massage modalities, aromatherapy, anatomy & physiology, and other important topics such as indications/contraindications, business development, and ethics.

Building His Passion
As a former builder and plumber, David commonly experienced pain and overused his muscles and body. He has benefited from bodywork care such as chiropractic care and massage therapy, and looks forward to . His his current interests include medical massage, spinal reflex therapy (SRT), reworking with injuries, sports massage, hydrotherapy, massage for emotional wellness, and general pain management.


You increased blood flow so much so that I don't even feel the tingling sensation! Praise God! I feel great! It worked David! It works! I finally can get some real sleep!! 🙂


Massage was fantastic. Combination of techniques was both relaxing and functional. Stretching was amazing....Overall, wonderful experience.


The leg stretching was really great, the tension is gone!!!!


David, thank you for your professionalism and skill set! My prayer for you is that this new chapter of your life brings you prosperity and satisfaction. You are very good at your craft!!! 🙂

~Anonymous have an intuitive understanding of what areas need massage, great job!


" was kinda perfect."


Thank you for a relaxing massage!


Great pressure & extremely communicative.


Thank you for a great massage. Flow and pressure were especially good. Overall -- fantastic!


Very Comfortable-Nice Flow; Very Relaxing-good at reading my cues for pressure


Pressure was great!


Great massage--consistent pressure, very relaxing. Loved the head massage at the end!

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